Hello Friends and Family in Prattville, Montgomery, and those of you in other areas that were planning to join us for the 3rd Annual Wilson Pickett Music and Arts Festival on April 4th. With the health and safety of our festival goers being priority, it has been determined that the 2020 festival will be postponed in relation to COVID-19. We are looking forward to bringing the opportunity for a fantastic time to you at a later date. Once rescheduled, we'll once again begin sharing event and vendor info, as well as opportunities for participants to sign up for the various events we'll be offering. Additionally, the Wilson Pickett: 25 at the Top exhibit will remain in place at the Autauga-Prattville Library into early Fall and our youth leadership workshop will be rescheduled as well. Consider enjoying some fun and enjoyable forms of art and plenty of music in the meantime. We'll certainly include some Wicked Pickett on our playlist! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


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