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“In The Midnight Hour, The Music Of Wilson Pickett”

…A Jukebox Musical!

The story begins with two radio personalities reminiscing about entertainers of days gone by during a late night radio show .  A debate about the “Wicked” Wilson Pickett is launched and becomes the focal point of their conversation.

Their clatter awakens the thoughts and memories of their listening audience. As a result, motivated callers begin to call in sharing their personal Wilson Pickett moments…. the excitement stirs… and their stories come to life on stage at midnight…in the midnight hour! 


Produced and directed by Kenneth Green, this jukebox musical tells the story of celebrated Hall of Famer, Wilson Pickett from his humble beginnings in the cotton fields of Prattville Alabama to his internationally acclaimed success. The musical showcases celebrity and local talents featuring contemporary versions of Wilson Pickett’s classic songs that are relived in dance, drama, and video footage. The musical journey is superbly directed by the acclaimed New York Broadway Music Director, Zane Mark Zacharoff.