Facilitated by Teacher Jay of
Mini Chefs + Bakers, the workshop is sure to be a fun & tasty treat!
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Ingredients & Supplies

Dry + Wet Ingredients:

- a package of already baked store bought sugar cookies

- a tube of pre made sugar cookie dough

(Teacher Jay will be using a tube of Pillsbury but please use whatever brand you can find. Please make sure it is chilled in the fridge until class time.)

- flour (1/2 cup)

- sprinkles

- cookie icing

- please bring white or brown frosting, and if you would like you can also bring a couple other colors of choice.

More Ingredients and Things To Bring To Class:

- a flat baking sheet

- parchment paper

- a large plate to decorate cookies in and another plate to place the finished cookies in

- oven mittens

- apron(optional)

- they will also need access to the oven and an adult to help them with this.