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Soul ain't nothing but a feeling.

-Wilson Pickett

A Message from Maxwell Pickett 

We are thrilled about the participation we received during our inaugural Wilson Pickett Social Media Sing-Off!

What began as an idea to add some joy and goodness to the atmosphere as events were cancelled and the stay-at-home orders were put into place has resulted in just that. Whether you sang, played an instrument, shared a post, liked a post, or shared an encouraging comment, we say “Thank You” to each and every participant! Your participation provided a sense of connection through music and your belief in your abilities is applauded and inspirational.


Be assured our selection in no way discredits participants that do not win the prize. Though we cannot select all of you, we hope you will continue to participate with the Wilson Pickett Jr., Legacy's efforts to both educate and inspire new talent. Our message to each of you is: continue to spread joy. Uplift yourself and others through song and music. 


Stay tuned and stay connected. We're looking forward to more good to come!

Peace and blessings to each of you,


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