Soul ain't nothing but a feeling.

-Wilson Pickett

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A Message from Maxwell Pickett 

Hello and thank you for visiting us here at the Wilson Pickett Legacy website. First off, we are continuously excited about Wilson’s music being enjoyed and the activities we’re able to offer through the Legacy in honor of his contributions.  

Music and opportunities to connect through various interest in the arts has brought us much needed solace and joy. We’ve been reminded of joy in the “simple things” throughout the unprecedented time we’ve experienced during the past year and a half. Most recently, it was with the return of the Wilson Pickett Music and Arts Festival, presented in partnership with the City of Prattville (Alabama), Wilson's hometown. What a pure delight it was to enjoy the local talent showcased, the fun and educational offerings, and the expertise of respected, prominent professionals from near and far. Whether you participated in the Festival, our sing-off, in conversations with our amazing, impactful artists partners through Zoom, enjoyed and shared Clark King’s version of “People Make the World” or the newest reimagining of “Understanding” by Jalise Wilson, or another form of connecting, we say “Thank You”. Your participation provided a sense of togetherness through music, art, and authenticity.


We hope you will continue to participate with the Wilson Pickett Jr., Legacy's efforts to continue spreading joy and good through music, while also educating and inspiring new talent. Stay tuned and stay connected. Looking forward to more “good” to come and share it!

Peace and blessings to each of you,